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Weird fever dream

22 Aug

It has been a week. A terrible week. I have stayed in bed for most of my time, thanks to what was initially thought as flu. But now, it’s stuck as an unwanted guest in my system. That led me to a battery of medical investigations and irritation and what not. Still the worst part of all of it is the spiking fever at bed time. Those gritty and burning eyes, those unbearably hot pillows and a bad odour oozing out of yourself. But this isn’t all. My fever spells are customized. For how long? As long as I can remember. I have a particular crazy fever dream. It’s bizarre and peculiar and weird. And this post is about that.

I see myself as a tiny person. Like from liliput or as if I’m in Brobdingnag. Whatever be the case, but everything except me is colossal. And I see myself amongst ants. Not the kind of ants we know, but the huge, horrifying & hideous ants. They are the size of mammoth with big round scary eyes. Their feelers are as thick as hose and disturbingly long. They are carrying small people like me in their jaws. Their robust jaws. Needless to say, I get petrified and seek shelter. I run. I run as fast as I can for some refuge dodging their clawed legs and whiplashing feelers. I also try to cover myself so that they can’t spot me. But my small arms and legs fail to be any good. Panting for breath, I am running for my life. Just when I see my mother. I see her huge feet just about to stomp me. I shout and cry and call her for help. But my voice box seems to have shrunk too. She doesn’t seem to hear me. But I shout and run and cry. Then I think of an idea. I think of clamping to her ankle and travel to safety with her. So I climb on a crumb of bread which is now awfully gigantic. And wait for her to come my way. As soon as she does, I leap to clamp to her in a fantasy movies style. I am struggling to get a nice hold to her when all the giant ants spot me. Now they turn after me. And I am still kicking and writhing and wriggling to hold my mother’s leg tight. The last thing I want to happen in this universe is fall down. I pray to God and yelp for my mother. But before I know my small hands lose all the grip and “Dhammmmmmm!”

I have never seen any more than this. And i hope i never do.


The story of Satisfaction

13 Aug

Once upon a time, in a far off land was a small tribe that people called as Life. And in there lived a young girl named Satisfaction. She was pretty, innocent, serene, simple and unworldly. And most importantly she was born that way. Totally genuine and untainted. No one ever paid much attention to her. Some did not even know she existed. They were so busy noticing others, that she was almost obscure. But that never had any impact on her. Happy and content her. As she grew (in her own indistinct little world) she stayed the same except for a small but big thing. She fell in love. She fell in love with a handsome young man, Freedom. He was what no one could define. Strong as a cyclone but soft as a breeze. He did what he wanted, the way he wanted and whenever he wanted. He was powerful enough to infect strength on anyone that came along his way. Sure he got into troubles but they were his own and that kept him himself.

And then one fine day when all the beautiful stars of the universe were in a perfect line, he saw her. And he knew she completed him. Her anchored to ground attitude and his untameable ferocity was a perfect match. They belonged. And all was defined in their own small universe.

But if only anything was perfect. When Adam and Eve ate that apple they caught it, and it’s impossible to get rid of. It was the Greed, a sinful devil. Greed met Satisfaction one day and insinuated into her an idea. An evil idea of wanting more. And also told her that she felt complete with Freedom only because she hadn’t met Success. A rich, influential, significant hypnotising man called Success. How Success was a dream of anyone alive. How he was what everyone wanted. He could make people dance to his whims and fancies. World bowed to him.

The inception of that very idea tainted her pure little universe. Although she didn’t believe Greed, yet now she was curious. Curious to experience if she could belong more to Success than Freedom. And the enigma of Success drew her away. Away from Freedom, away from herself and away from her perfect world. She kept running to chase Success. Stupid, pretty girl gave up everything just to know if the grass was greener the other side. Success was uncatchable. The more she seemed to own him, the more was there to own. And in the zeal of combining both of them (Success and Satisfaction) into one, she wasted away her entire life. She now knew they were not what she had sought after. And when she looked into mirror one day, she realised that in the quest of winning Success, she had lost herself. She wasn’t what she was anymore. She longed for Freedom and herself and her beautiful life that she had left behind. So she stood up and left. She walked all those paths and reached her old tribal village. She knew she had missed a lot she could never get back. Her eyes full of tears she searched for Freedom everywhere. Her heart falling into pieces over regret and guilt, she kept looking for him. And there he stood. Just as before. The completing piece of her puzzle. Freedom. She threw herself in his arms and with the tears of joy drained out her remorse and pains. All that had blemished her soul washed away. As she sank in the arms of her love, she knew they could now live happily ever after.

P.S. Criticisms welcomed but I have written a short story after a (really) long time. Please be considerate of this fact and also the inexperience. 🙂

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