I’m revitalizing

28 Nov

Hello fellows!

I know I’ve been out for long, but that wasn’t preferential. I had my exams which just got over yesterday. How were they? Well, that question is as inessential as asking a married woman if she’s happy or a man if he’s being paid enough. Whatever be the case, but for now I’m delighted they are over. And that’s because it’s after 10 years and 6 months (if not more) that I’ve got no exams to study for. Yes! 10 YEARS AND 6 MONTHS. Isn’t that a long span of time? That’s more than the whole period of adolescence, that’s more than how much one-third of world’s marriages last and that’s more than the average amount of time people spend watching television in their whole life.

Anyways, now that I’m pretty relaxed for at least few upcoming weeks, I decided to take it as some MY-TIME in life. Doing things I wanted to do, things I could not do, things I love to do and the kind. This would include exercising and gaining my health back, reading some good books, cooking and if possible be a little crafty. And all this means, things to share about and hence blog posts.

I hope to narrate my experiences in an interesting way. Bye for now. And see you soon.



Tough Times, Tough People and God!

27 Sep

I know there has been a hiatus. But seems there were still some tests of life left for me to attempt this year!
As I mentioned earlier, I’m not doing well. Since 14th of august I’ve been suffering from a poorly diagnosed case of fever. It was supposedly a transient viral illness initially. When it didn’t go away even after a dose of antibiotic, I was taken for a whole lot of investigations. Chest X-ray, blood tests, ultrasound, malarial parasite test, Widal and typhidot, urine tests etc. Meanwhile I was being continuously medicated. Nothing was diagnosed until last week, when I was declared a case of typhoid fever. Hence, I was started on an i.v. line of antibiotics which is still continuing with no results so far. 😦

I could have tolerated it without complaints had the bomb of exams not dropped. My exams that were due January next year have now been scheduled for late November this year. Which means less than two months to recuperate and study my ass off as another year of my life depends entirely on these exams.

So, this explains my absence. But what next? How am I going to do it all?
Having faith in God that stands by my side, I’m sure I’ll find out a way. The same god that brought me to life, that gave me a loving family, a perfectly healthy body and mind, good friends, an enviable education. The same God will enlighten my way and lead me to my destiny. All I need to do is trust him and keep working with optimism. I will come out victorious, I’m strong after all. 🙂

God be with us.

Big Lessons in tiny pleasures: Part 3

8 Sep

You are still alive in our hearts baby!

Foreword: I am a huge dog person. So, in the post ahead if I narrow down my opinion to the best creatures of this world, which would be dogs, then I expect a lenience in your criticism. Also, this post is dedicated to my beloved pet dog Sheru. Darling, may you rest in peace.

I do not recall a child who hasn’t wanted or had a pet. A pet is like the best better half you can have. A pet is like a kid that can be trained. A pet is a living soft toy (pardon my metaphorisation of pet with a dog).

These are the lessons that I’ve learnt from all my pets I’ve ever had which include Michael, Lucy, Suzy, Tiger and Sheru. You sweethearts have had a big impact on my life!

  1. Loyalty: The first and most important lesson I believe every pet teaches is being faithful. Dogs are renowned for it, but I’ve had a heart-warming experience with my Granpa’s  parrot, dad’s pigeon and cousin’s monkey. The monkey’s name was donut and it died within 3 days of my cousin’s fatal accident.
  2. Concentration: It’s a small observation that every animal has an extreme level of concentration. This may be a result of the fact that they do not have to worry about their looks or career or crush. Whatever be the reason but it’s worth learning that everypet has a hell lot of concentration and learns extremely fast.
  3. Aggression: Have you ever had an encounter with an angry bird? Do you believe teasing a monkey is harmless? It’s in your benefit that you reply to both the questions as a big NO!
    You annoy an animal in the matters that are important to it and beware it can do anything!
    So, if it’s important to you, fight for it.
  4. Simplicity: My favourite quote of all times is “HANDLE STRESS LIKE A DOG. IF YOU CAN’T EAT IT OR PLAY WITH IT, PEE ON IT AND WALK AWAY.” Similarly, if you can do something about a problem then do it. Otherwise bury it.
  5. Stand for your fellows: My granny used to say, “A pig when in trouble, finds other pigs around for help which makes us believe humans are even worse!”
    Isn’t that true? Why is standing up for others so much insignificant to us?

Pets are a blessing from the heaven above. If you’ve never had one, go for it! Even if it’s as small as a goldfish. You’ll learn a lot and definitely evolve!

P.S. I know metaphorisation is not a word!

Super sweet blogging award!

30 Aug

Load of thanks to Mack for nominating me in this cute award, Super sweet blogging award.

I would also take this chance to apologise for acknowledging it a little late. I was tied down by health issues. So the rules say, display the logo in your post, nominate a baker’s dozen (13 other blogs) and answer some super sweet questions. I don’t count thanking and linking back to the person who nominated you as a rule, because that’s an etiquette.

The Super Sweet questions:

1.  Cookies or Cake?

Cake! I am too impressed by soft hearted cakes and likewise people.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Can’t I add another option? 😛
But if I had to pick one, then Vanilla for its simple, basic and easy-to-go-with-anything quality.

3. What is your favourite sweet treat?

Vanilla pastries with Strawberry Jam or Kiwi fruit or sometimes Black currant frosting.

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?

When I am with sweet people. Like family get-togethers or dates!

 5.   If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

That’s a difficult one, ‘cause I already have lots of sweet nicknames and I chose none of them.

As for nominating 13 more bloggers is concerned, Being completely honest and genuine, I will list 5 (as there’s no point in nominating just for the sake of nominating). I am new here and am still getting to know fellow bloggers. May be later I can add to this list. But for now, here are my 5 really sweet ones:

1. Tina from REFLECTIONS

2. Dating tourettes for such a genuinely fun blog.

3. Alice for heteronormative love fest. Your blog is too cute.

4. The doodle house This one’s specially for your dogs! 🙂

5. Kelly for Cobwebs, Cupcakes & Crayons I love your crafty ideas, your intelligent organising solutions and most importantly i am all over Anabelle!

So, these are the sweet bloggers I can’t help pull cheeks of! And thanks again Mack for giving me this pleasure and opportunity.

The power of colours

29 Aug

Before I start this post I want to make it really clear that it’s not about some kind of colour therapy (if such a thing exists). Nor is it the conclusion of any scientific or educational research. This post is only a simple exercise and observation I applied to myself.

I did this some two and a half years ago. My then boyfriend and I had been fighting a lot. And most of my time was usually consumed in either fighting or fixing those fights. Plus I had some exams drawing closer. In total I was so stressed and occupied all the time that I was turning monotonous, rather more monotonous. But one morning I had this awful realisation that I’m turning old without traversing through my youth! So, I purposefully decided to start some changes. The simplest, easiest and most effective of those was picking up a different colour to wear every day of the week. I made it a point to not repeat the same colour in my dress within a span of seven days. I would wear scarlet reds and dusty browns. While some days I will looked as oddly bright as a parakeet, on others I was as invisible in the crowd as air. I remember wearing a turmeric t-shirt, rusty grey trousers and an algae green kurti in that duration (Of course not all at the same time!). Colours, I would have never worn otherwise. Clothes, that slept in my wardrobe since almost ages. Badly shopped ones, disgusting gifted ones, picked by mother kind of dresses. I wore all of it.

The result of my exercise was unexpected everyday. One morning I would be hoarding compliments, the next they will all be criticisms. “Where did you get that?” This was said both with awe and repulsion. Some just mentioned, “What has been going on with you lately?” The responses were flocking in also because I was normally dressed in almost the same colour spectrum. I was more into whites and creams and pale peach.

The point of the whole story is that that week was surprising. I felt a difference in the energies of universe everyday. Those colours brought a simple change in perspective because wearing the same colours somehow makes you dull, dreary and lifeless or may be vice versa. I don’t know how. But wearing grassy green made me feel not the same as wearing carroty orange. That change was a therapy in itself. It took me to the faith that pinks actually make world romantic and yellow really brings happiness. Purple can make you feel glamourous and red seductive. Colours really have that power. Just give them a chance.

Wear different colours this week! May be you get to notice a happy change!

Another Award!

22 Aug

This is a beautiful award for which i have been nominated by this equally wonderful girl, Tina. Huge thanks!


So, as per the rules I’m supposed to list seven facts about me and nominate seven more people for this.
As far as former is concerned, that’s here.

For the ones that inspire me, a list follows:

  1. http://thediaryofmeblog.wordpress.com/
  2. http://zainedout.wordpress.com/
  3. http://thewhyaboutthis.com/

These are the new additions to my old list of fifteen inspiring blogs.

I’d like to thank Tina again. Dear, you have a wonderful blog.

Weird fever dream

22 Aug

It has been a week. A terrible week. I have stayed in bed for most of my time, thanks to what was initially thought as flu. But now, it’s stuck as an unwanted guest in my system. That led me to a battery of medical investigations and irritation and what not. Still the worst part of all of it is the spiking fever at bed time. Those gritty and burning eyes, those unbearably hot pillows and a bad odour oozing out of yourself. But this isn’t all. My fever spells are customized. For how long? As long as I can remember. I have a particular crazy fever dream. It’s bizarre and peculiar and weird. And this post is about that.

I see myself as a tiny person. Like from liliput or as if I’m in Brobdingnag. Whatever be the case, but everything except me is colossal. And I see myself amongst ants. Not the kind of ants we know, but the huge, horrifying & hideous ants. They are the size of mammoth with big round scary eyes. Their feelers are as thick as hose and disturbingly long. They are carrying small people like me in their jaws. Their robust jaws. Needless to say, I get petrified and seek shelter. I run. I run as fast as I can for some refuge dodging their clawed legs and whiplashing feelers. I also try to cover myself so that they can’t spot me. But my small arms and legs fail to be any good. Panting for breath, I am running for my life. Just when I see my mother. I see her huge feet just about to stomp me. I shout and cry and call her for help. But my voice box seems to have shrunk too. She doesn’t seem to hear me. But I shout and run and cry. Then I think of an idea. I think of clamping to her ankle and travel to safety with her. So I climb on a crumb of bread which is now awfully gigantic. And wait for her to come my way. As soon as she does, I leap to clamp to her in a fantasy movies style. I am struggling to get a nice hold to her when all the giant ants spot me. Now they turn after me. And I am still kicking and writhing and wriggling to hold my mother’s leg tight. The last thing I want to happen in this universe is fall down. I pray to God and yelp for my mother. But before I know my small hands lose all the grip and “Dhammmmmmm!”

I have never seen any more than this. And i hope i never do.

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