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Daily Prompts: Heart to heart with my mother

15 Dec

Write a letter to your mom. Tell her something you’ve always wanted to say, but haven’t been able to.

I don't own the image. It's from Google Images

I don’t own the image. It’s from Google Images

Dear Maa,
As we’re quite close, writing to you was never craved for. I don’t think I was ever inadequate in telling you how much you mean to me, and nor do I think I ever told you enough. Once again, you mean the world to me mumma.

If I had to tell you one thing, I always wanted to but never could then that would be about me. About my personality, About the way I have transformed from my experiences and about the way I’ve become the the kind of girl you never planned on raising. No, I don’t do drugs or drink or smoke or slut around. I am not anorexic or bulimic and I’m not in any kind of trouble. I’m just a normal girl who is a loved daughter, sister and friend. It’s just that I’m not developing my personality as per the norms you had set for me. For example, I’m not as religious as you’re ’cause I believe in trying to be a good person more than trying to pray more. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in God. I thank him everyday (afterall he gave me my mother 😉 ). But maa,  I can’t be as religious as you. Sorry to disappoint you!

Another likely example is the way I look at life. I have seen the way you’ve lived and I don’t want to have the same regrets as you (I want to make my own mistakes 😉 ). So, I want to travel a lot, read and do all I love even if that means having some bad experiences on the way. I can’t live as per the rules of society, I want to make my own! Yes, I know it sounds rebellious. But whatever I do, I want you to be along and have faith in me!

And lastly, the question of marriage! I am well aware you want to pick up a guy for me  (which mother doesn’t 😉 ) and want me to think he’s the one and get married. But that is not so convincing. I don’t oppose you picking up someone for me, but I seriously can’t think of spending my life with him unless I fall in love with him. I am not very choosy or demanding, so that can not be tough. His thoughts and psychology on life has to resonate with me, that’s all I want! We never get into the enough comfort zone to explain you all this. But hope you’d understand.

Mom, your daughter is and would always be you daughter but she’s also a whole different person now and she wants to have some liberty being that. I’m sure you must be knowing almost everything I’ve written above, only that I can’t tell these to your face or probably never could. Hope you’re not saddened that I’m not your dream daughter!

Love you more than anyone or anything else,
Your daughter


Daily Prompts: The first person I fell in love with at first sight

8 Dec

Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail, and tell us why you think that experience was the one to stick with you.

I had been wanting to do a daily prompt since long but never had enough time to justify it. But when I saw this prompt, I couldn’t just help myself. It has always been close to my heart.

The earliest memory? If I start delving into the intricateness of my hippocampus, I might come up with something else but the most vivid incidence I can reminisce is this one. I had just turned four. We were at my maternal grandparents’. All I did whole day was play and have fun with all my cousins and aunts. My mother had been almost forgotten by her only daughter. The same mother without whom I couldn’t spend a single moment didn’t even know if I was even home. But that dusky evening when a man-pulled rickshaw stopped at the front door and my mother climbed it, I latched on to her leg. My beautiful mother, my exquisite, flawless mother with her deep almond shaped eyes and her perfect rosy lips coaxed me. Aah she knew how to cajole me! She promised to be back by the time I finished my dinner and left. I was lost in my world again. Time passed and I started missing her. So, I finished my dinner. And I waited. Then, I waited desperately and then I cried. And then I yelped and nothing could help me. For some time everyone tried to win me over but then they all got busy. Of course! They had to. My mom was in labour. But who could explain it to me. I just wanted her. To hell with anything else! So, I was abandoned. I remember being alone in a dark room, face on bed. My teared face with dry skin sunk into a pillow. A pillow that muffled all my shrieks. My legs hung down from the bed. I felt I had lost my mother forever. I even wondered if she’d been kidnapped away. And then the phone rang! My aunt picked it up and hung it back in 30 seconds screaming out in joy!

“It’s a boy!”

I was searched for, cleaned and dressed up. “We are going to see your mother.” And I have never been happier (including when I kissed my boyfriend for the first time). My aunt gave me a glass full of milk to drink. I sipped and threw up in my mouth. “As soon as you finish it, we’re leaving to see your mother”. And it was down my throat in seconds. Next thing I remember I was walking into my mother’s room in hospital. She was stuporous but she kissed me and smiled. Nobody paid attention to her. Everybody was crowding a small crib in one corner of the room. I was called and I remember seeing him for the first time. My baby brother. The first person that is my love at first sight. The first person that made me feel big and strong. The first person that I could do anything for. He was small and tied up in all white. His skin wrinkled. His face congested. His eyes shut tight. The cutest, most little baby I had ever seen. My baby brother!

P.S. I don’t think there’s any reason to tell why this memory sticks to my heart. 🙂

Big lessons in tiny pleasures: Part 2

8 Aug

The image is from google. But i promise, I’ll start clicking soon.

What is your favourite corner in your home? Kitchen? Your own room? Shower? I may believe that until you don’t have a front porch! What could supersede a front porch! And that is not a question. It is an exclamation. Everything about a porch is to love. The breeze, the semi natural furniture, the vibes of serenity, the view and the exquisite attraction. As I sat in a cane wood chair in our patio basking in the last rays of a very twilight evening, I couldn’t help learn a few things from it.
1. The view: When you’re sitting in a front porch viewing everything from a distance, things appear simple. Similarly, when you broaden your perspective, issues appear trivial. So, when you’re stuck in a situation just step back to stretch your outlook.
2. The watch: For my great granny, the porch was not only her own corner but also a window to watch over the entire household. She would sit their keeping a keen watch on everyone who walks in or out of her house. So sit in the front porch of life once in a while and watch over who is walking in or out.
3. The slowdown: Whenever there’re a lot of chores to be done, I take a front porch slowdown. I make myself a tea and I just sit there thinking nothing. Just exactly, reduce your life’s pace once in a while and enjoy what it has to offer.
4. Family time: There’s something in patios and porches that make families sit together. I don’t know what it is. But most of my family traditions are somehow associated with it. Play the front porch of your family once in a while and bring it closer.
5. Nurture yourself: Porches are sites of hobby development, whether it is kids painting or it is mama’s gardening. Take some time to locate yours and let it grow.
6. The Kiss: If you’ve a front porch, it is most likely the place you will kiss your date for the first time. (Dreamy? Well, I am a girl and I am allowed to be hopelessly romantic once in a while. ;).) Therefore, let your life belong to your special someone once in a while just like your front porch.

I hope you have some special memories related to a front porch too. If yes, relish. If no, make some.


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