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Daily Prompt: It’s my morning

15 Dec


What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?


Before I start with this post, I really need to know if 11a.m. is still considered morning in this world!

Anyways, the most important part is getting up without an alarm! Without the feeling that I’m nothing more than a drone working to earn and earning to continue working. Without the everyday hussle-bussle. In short, wake up when you know you’ve slept as much as you wanted to. Lazy me!

Then comes my morning tea. If you’ve read this before you know, I’m a tea fan! And I hate to have a cup of tea and having to rush to finish as if it’s some school project. I Want to sit in my balcony and enjoy the aroma, flavour and bliss in every sip of tea that goes down my throat. Some holidays, I also like to put on some peppy sunshine music alongwith. Oh that makes my Day!

Then comes a lazy noon bath! I pamper my body with warm water and oils and take care of every ounce of my skin. Exfoliation, massage, or just playing with water, I like to spend an hour in this. (What else do you expect! I am a Piscean 😉 ).

And If I get a beautiful book to read after this, that’s like a cherry on top!

This defines pretty much my perfect morning. But before I close this, I’d like to mention what is supposed to stay away from me on a perfect morning.

  • Newspaper: If you wanna have a beautiful day ahead, who wants to wake upto the news of who died, how our country is doomed and everything gruesome possible.
  • People: I don’t like to have any company unless it’s peaceful, oblivious and non existent.
  • Haste: I hate to rush!

And yes, I am fortunate enough to enjoy such a morning nowadays! Touch wood!



This Is Not Running Away

5 Jul

Before i start with this post, it is extremely important for you to know that for my whole life i have never ever RUN.
I mean it literally.
I could walk for hours. I could Skip. I could hit a gym. But i could never run.
And when it comes to morning runs, i am like GARFIELD. I wouldn’t try it.
But then in my present situation it hit me,
“Everything is going stale. I could use something fresh”
And nothing is fresher than a splash of morning air!
So on 2nd July, 2012, i did go for a run (that too at 5am).
And since then i have not missed a day.
Okay. Okay. i know its been only 4 days, but i promise (to myself) its gonna last.

Now that i have started this i would jot down my motivations to run (so that i can turn back and look at it the day i forget these!).
1. A CHANGE: I really needed a change.
2. TO FEEL FIT: I have been growing rounder (thanx to all the chocolates i prescribed myself for depression)
3. DISCIPLINE: An urge to do something at fixed time of the day might push me for some more discipline (which could really come in handy for now).
4. MUSIC: As i run, i plug in the crankiest tunes i have heard. This peps me up in the wee hours giving me the confidence.
(One of my favourites has been STAND BACK by JOAN OSBORNE from RAISING HELEN)
5. I AM STILL BETTER: As i run i see old people coming for walks. Ones that are too weak to walk. Some suffering from arthritis and some from Osteoporosis. I see a crippled young lad pushing himself to walk more than 5 steps in one go. and it tells me “THANK GOD! I AM STILL BETTER.”

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