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Overuse deformity of the word FRIEND

5 Aug


When I was in primary classes, we used to have a subject called MORAL SCIENCES (I went to a convent). Of course we never paid attention to it. One reason was that anybody who paid attention to it was uncool and another reason was it wasn’t evaluated at the end of the year. Anyways I remember that one day when Sister Marybeth taught us a lesson from that subject. It was titled Friends. She taught it more like an exercise. She made us all tell who our friends were and enumerate five reasons as to why we were friends. Anyways, when she wrapped up the whole thing she said, “Friend is one of the most beautiful words ever said in English. Do not be very cursory to use it.”

Of course we didn’t know what she meant then, but now I know. Part because I am having a bad time, part because of facebook. Now the question is, “What is the status of this word in present circumstances?”
We want to imply we know (rather recognise) someone, we say “We are friends.”
We want to make it clear, there is nothing sexual. We say, “We are friends.”
We want to ask someone ahead in line a favour he/she becomes a friend.

In short, anybody who is not in the category of anything else is a friend. Ways of life! Ways of social networking!

If you are the one accepting free advice, then here is one from my scalding experiences.
Take a break. Forget about your facebook friend list. And ask yourself, “How many really deserve a word as big as a FRIEND”.
If you still have even one, then the hell with the increasing number of insincere, hypocritical sycophants or malicious chattering gossipmongers, just save it! Save the one who you know is worth it.

As for me, I still have those precious pearls safely studded to the tapestry of my life. Thanks to the bad times, I give them their due respect.

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